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Rubber Ducky recommends and stocks the Australian manufactured range of Yokes & Jackets from Roaring 40's.

These lifejackets (PFD'S) are approved to the latest Australian Standards & ISO 12402-3. The bladder material is exceptionally strong, able to withstand 200,000 flex cycles without damage.

Roaring 40's also manufacture for the Australian Army (light Infantry), Australian S.A.S. and Australian Commandos as well as many other commercial users.

We also service most brands of inflatable PFD's at our workshop in Kingston. Phone us on 0437 910 378 to arrange your next service.

Inspection includes:

High Pressure Test

Function test of operating system

Replacement washers to operating head (where required)

Check weigh gas cylinder/s

Visual inspection of all components/stitching

Date tagging

Certificate of Inspection supplied

Factory trained Technician

Additional items include time expired/used automatic activators, water activated lights, repairs, replacements etc as required.

You can also purchase spares and new PFD's on our PayPal page.

Remember that the old Australian Standard 1512 expires at the end of 2020. Make sure you update your PFD's before then.

All these lifejackets can be purchased direct from our S​h​opwith either local pick-up or posted.

Roaring 40's M150 yoke
Roaring 40's Cruiser yoke
Roaring 40's M150 yoke
Roaring 40's Cruiser yoke
Roaring 40's Maxi Pro lifejacket

All the above PFD's are also available in the Mainstay Series which are a 190N version for greater buoyancy. A good option if in open waters with heavy gear.

Mainstay Basic Manual $145.00

Mainstay Basic Auto $180.00

Mainstay Cruiser Manual $165.00

Mainstay Cruiser Auto $185.00

Mainstay Maxi Manual $200.00

Mainstay Maxi Auto $225.00

Mainstay MaxiPro Manual $225.00

Mainstay MaxiPro Auto $240.00

Roaring 40's Emperor lifejacket
Roaring 40's Marine saver jacket

The M150 series Inflatable PFD Type 1 has similar basic design to the popular SMA1060 series and the inflatable life preservers manufactured for the Australian Army (light Infantry), Australian S.A.S. and Australian Commandos.

Available in Red or Navy valise.


Manual $150.00

Automatic $170.00

The Cruiser series has a buoyancy in excess of 186 Newtons and easily exceeds EN 396 requirements. It is approved to AS4758 & ISO 12402-3 and is also approved as a USL Coastal lifejacket by Marine Safety Victoria.

Available in Navy & Red and a left-handed user version is available to order.

Black, Olive & Camo available by special order.


Manual $160.00

Automatic $180.00

Maxi & MaxiPro series PFD's have an approved deck harness and are packed with user friendly features.

The Maxi Pro series comes with a window armed with the latest UML Pro Sensor operating system allowing the user to visually check the status of the CO2 gas cylinder and the condition of the auto cartridge plus sprayhood & beacon pouch.


Maxi Manual $215.00

Maxi Automatic $230.00

Maxi Pro Manual $255.00

Maxi Pro Automatic $275.00

  • ISO 12401 Approved deck harness complies to ISAF/YA requirement

  • Rapid Burst Zip enclosure to keep PFD well protected

  • Optional Sprayhood with skirt (Comes standard onMaxi Pro)

  • Detachable crutch strap

  • Grab handle

  • Comfortable and Easy to Don

  • Freeboard of > 120mm

  • Lightweight Reliable & Durable construction

  • Suitable for person 40kg & over

  • Window for indication of the operating system status (Available in MaxiPro only)

  • Optional Detachable Pouch for PLBs (comes standard with MaxiPro)*

  • Version for Left-Handed person available

  • Available in Manual & Auto Inflation

  • Designed to float an unconscious person to a safe position with the head angled at 45º upwards in the water

  • Can withstand 200,000 flex cycles without physical impairment

  • Able to withstand 10 psi of pressure

  • Service and Repair friendly

Emperor 275N

This AS 4758 & ISO12402-3 approved PFD Type 1 operates with a 60g CO2 disposable cylinder. It has a mouth tube, whistle, light, SOLAS approved reflective tapes & a lifting handle . Fitted with a across crutch strap arrangement with stainless steel fasteners for more comfort and secure support in the water.

It has more than 275 Newtons (61lb or 28kg) of buoyancy & can right & support a fireman in full uniform with his/her breathing apparatus (including steel/fibreglass wrapped compressed air cylinders) at an inclined but safe face-up position.

Optional attachments like J knife, EPIRB etc can be incorporated into the device.


This inflatable lifejacket is not ideal for leisure activities. It is more applicable for commercial and defence purposes where heavier than normal clothing & equipment are used by the wearer. It will float a CFA personnel (male or female) to a safe & comfortable inclined position even if he/she is carrying a fibre glass oxygen cylinder on his/her back.


Emperor Maxi Manual $365.00

Emperor Maxi Manual $395.00

Marine Saver Jacket.

ROARING FORTIES™ Marine SaverVest is a sleeveless/detachable zip-off sleeves vest made from premium oxford nylon fabric. Polar fleece material on the collar and deep front pockets are some of the features this vest has to offer. The Inflatable PFD/Lifejacket sits on the vest.

The Marine Saver vest is both Australian Standard (AS4758) & ISO(12402-3) approved and exceeds the 150N buoyancy.

This vest is unique in that the bladder when inflated is visible on the outside of the vest. This makes the vest less encumbering than those vests with the bladders housed between the skins of the vest fabric. In addition, the vest is non constrictive to your chest ie will not hinder your breathing movement. This design will provide very stable flotation and will right an unconscious person in a safe floating position, face up at an inclined angle.

This jacket/vestt is also modular. Any minor addendums can be easily achieved without impairing the performance of the vest. Left handed person version available to order.

Compared to many imported jackets it is fantastic value.


Marine Saver Manual 470.00

Marine Saver Automatic $495.00

Marine Saver W/Harness-Manual $TBA

Marine Saver W/Harness-Auto $TBA

ROARING FORTIES™ SMA1060FR is based on the Cruiser series Inflatable PFD Type 1 and is designed to suit welders, construction workers and fire fighters working near/in marine environment.

This inflatable PFD is shielded by an Aluminum coated fibre glass fabric. The fabric has fire and spark retardant properties which prevents embers and weld slag from damaging the inflatable PFD/lifejacket.

The SMA1060FR series is light weight with all the safety protection features required by the welder.

The PFD is non-cumbersome providing comfort to the welder in both standing and sitting positions. It also give the welder full freedom of movement during work.

SMA1060FR Manual $415.00

SMA 1060FR Automatic $435.00

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