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Fitting a new transom into an old Zodiac. Transom supplied by owner (we don't make them ourselves)

New Patrol 460 fitted with Velcro for tube covers.

A selection of what we have happening in the workshop.

Making some venturi drains to be fitted to a couple of Antarctic Division boats. These are pvc and we can make in Hypalon also. Variety of colours available

New Highfield Sport 520 with the latest design forward arch canopy top. This boat has been fitted with a Yamaha 90 Hp outboard which will certainly give her plenty of oomph!

All the standard features of the Sport range with nav lights, biloge pump, pre-wired electricals 

A bit crowded in the workshop!

This was never going to work very well

Zodiac RIB in a bit of a mess. Re-Fitted to hull with new strips and transom patches. 

Clean up started with Aurora Marine Speed Clean & Poly Guard protective coating.

Clean up started with Aurora Marine Speed Clean & Poly Guard protective coating.

Cheap grade of PVC and what appears to be a badly under-inflated tube has resulted in the fabric cracking and flaking of the outer coating. Tubes MUST be inflated to the correct working pressure when in use. Under-inflated tubes will flex badly and create wear points and hardening of the coating next to the seams on the bottom edge where they taper into the cones.

Inside of the same boat showing the internal damage.

I think the less said, the better about this mess.

Still not a pretty sight, but at least it is airtight.

Need to watch out for your neighbours dinghy when reversing your boat into the marina..

Drop stitch kayak that went bang. Internal repair and nice big patch on outside. Owner can go paddling again and make sure he stays away from sharp objects!

This 4.6m boat came off the trailer in high winds at speed on the highway and was dragged along the bitumen. Interesting job as fabric was stretched a bit out of shape. 

Inner and outer patches and good for a few more years.

Before and after of a recent restoration.

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